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EE PRINT PACK NOVATION S DE RL DE CV, located GABINO BARREDA 958 COL. SAN CARLOS CP 44460 GUADALAJARA JALISCO MEXICO (EE PRINT PACK), informs that in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Particulars (LDPDPPP), information or personal data you provide regarding the relationship you have with us, EE PRINT PACK, will be protected and processed in accordance with the privacy principles by LFPDPPP and following the terms set out in this Privacy Policy .

Purposes. Tegarding your nature of Customer/Distributor; Candidate/Employee; Supplier or Visitor, the processing of personal data will be made for the existence, maintenance and enforcement of the legal relationship and / or trade between Print Pack and You under the following purposes:

1.- Contacting you to sell goods and provide services of the product catalog and advertising.

2.- Respond to recruitment requests.

3.- Contacting you to purchase goods and / or services to develop our productive and commercial activities.

4.- Provide technical and advisory services of our products.

5.- Notify about new products.

6.- Develop studies and programs that are needed to determine consumption habits.

7.- Make periodic tests to our products and services in order to improve the quality of them.

8.- Creating logistics and financial information.

9.- Creating tax documents such as invoices, credit memos, debit memos .

10.- Creating and updating database for internal use.

11.- Knowing your browsing habits.

12.- Check pages visited before and after seeing our portal.

Mechanism and procedure to withhold consent to the processing of personal data
In accordance with Article 8 of the Law, it is tacitly understood that you consent the processing of personal data when it becomes available this privacy notice, and you do not oppose it.

You may withdraw consent at any time without being retroactive effect, which can be performed through the means and procedures implemented by EE Print Pack.

EE Print Pack let you know the cases in which is not necessary the consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of art . 10 of the LFPDPPP which stablished:

I. Be prescribed by law;

II. The data contained in publicly available sources;

III. Personal data are subject to prior dissociation procedure;

IV. Has the purpose of fulfilling obligations under a legal relationship between the holder and the responsible;

V. If there is an emergency situation that could potentially harm an individual in his person or property;

VI. If Ttey are essential for health care, prevention, diagnosis, health care delivery, medical treatment or the management of health services,
VII. while the holder is not able to give consent , in the terms established by the General Health Law and other applicable legal provisions and that the data processing is performed by a person subject to professional secrecy or an equivalent obligation, o

VIII. Resolution is issued by competent authority.

To find such means and procedures , please contact the manager of personal information by the following email:, to which you can submit their applications for rights ARCO and/or the consent revocation. For more information about the treatment and rights may exercise, you can access the privacy notice through any changes we make to our privacy notice in the future be available on our Web site.




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